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Best Practices in Digital Marketing for startups

As a newcomer in the digital industry, you have to work hard to know everything about digital marketing. In case you don't learn the basics, you will easily get lost in the noise, which ultimately takes more time and will waste your efforts with the below-average outcome.

That being said, if you know the statistic of digital marketing right away, you can expand your customer base and thrive as a business.

Furthermore, to get better results, you need to follow certain practices to stand up because digital marketing is extensive. But the great news is, digital marketing is abundantly accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes, no matter what budget they have.


The top valuable best practices in digital marketing for startups are listed below.

1. Create marketing and buyer personas

In the world of digital marketing; the essential practices to consider are your target audience and your business.

The question is, how do you market an audience you don't know? How you start a digital marketing business? In this era, you use different channels to connect your business to users. For that, you need to specific actions. That is why the buyer persona matters to rank your business. This vital document will contain all the personal details about ideal customers. The form must include:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Location

  • Job Description

  • Income

  • The solution they expect from the business

  • Favourite Social media platform

  • Favourite Customer Support Channel

When you have all the desired details you need, you can focus on a marketing channel, that is most likely to produce results for your new startup.

Likewise, Statistics shows that personal information can make your website two to five times more useful for the target audience. Because in the end, to properly market your product or service you need to know who exactly you're going to sell to.


2. Optimize your content for search engines

The main key factor in the world of digital marketing is keyword research. The first step is to add related keywords to increase your website's visibility in search engines.

How do you start SEO as a beginner? With a keyword search, you can find the terms your targeted users are using on search engines. As a newbie in business, it's good to target long-tail keywords (three or more). You can use a free tool for keyword research for your flexibility, i.e., Uber Suggest, Ahrefs, and Moz. Long-tail keywords have many advantages. The main three benefits are:

  • They have crystal clear intent

  • They have low competition

  • They account for a significant portion of searches.

Another essential feature to keep in mind is the paid ads. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can take a long time before you see your results. With paid advertising, you target the audience with valuable keywords, and in return, you get better results and faster.

Likewise, in digital marketing for startups, content is vital; you should start optimizing your content for local search. That involves uploading your business information and collecting reviews from your customers.

Fifty percent of search queries are four words or longer; according to Casie Gillette, Neil Patel also earned 173,336 more search engine visitors to Fast Sprout every month through the use of long-tail keywords.


3. Have a regularly-updated blog

During the purchase process, your potential clients need content to direct them to your website.

DemandGen Report portrays that 47 percent of customers viewed three to five content pieces before engaging with a sales rep. To help you generate an editorial calendar so that you can post fresh content on your blog daily.

A regularly updated blog also allows you to rate search engines for more keywords and get more leads. HubSpot found that businesses that published 16 monthly blog posts earned 4.5 times more leads than those with zero to four blogs.

Nevertheless, you need to know that blogging goes beyond just cracking the posts out. To solve issues for your audience, you have to make posts on your blog. To gain access to a broader audience, you can also guest blog on other industry websites and create more inbound links for your site, thus improving the SEO of your business website.


4. Engage your audience through personalized emails

Email marketing is a massive part of digital marketing. On a personal level, if you want to hit your audience, email is one of the best methods. The outcome speaks for itself.

For example, research suggests that email campaigns have a $44 return on investment (ROI) on every dollar spent.

Likewise, you need to know that email marketing has shifted over the years. Now, to get them to open your emails and click through to your website, you need to send customized emails to your subscribers.

Emails with personalized subject lines, for instance, are 26 percent more likely to open. An important part is to invest in an email service provider that supports automated emails.


5. Invest in social media marketing

Nowadays there are so many social media channel available like:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Snapchat

For digital marketing startups, you need to focus on a few of them. Your potential customers can go on social media platforms daily to interact with family and friends. There is the fact that there are 3.356 billion social media users; it's a platform you can't ignore. So some of the practices you need to follow regularly are:

  • Post regularly

  • Use visual like images, to attract higher engagement

  • Invest in paid advertisements

  • Share your content with followers

  • Interact with people through replies and resharing


6. Build an excellent customer service program

In a digital world, news spread around faster, and it's great to look at customer service as a marketing channel. By building excellent customer service, you show that you care about your customers. If you go the extra mile to solve a customer's problem, it will be beneficial. That recognized a reputation for awful or excellent customer service. According to the Vision, Critical survey 86 per cent of the buyer will pay more for a better customer experience. Below I listed some of the service channels you can have for your new marketing startups.

  • Social Media

  • Live Chat

  • Email

  • FAQs

  • Knowledgebase articles on your website


7. Have a system to track results

It's great to bring efforts into digital marketing activities, but you have to be confident that the steps get your new business results. How do you calculate success or failure, whatever your targets are for digital marketing? Measuring outcomes is essential because this is how you can maximize your digital marketing strategy and understand what works and what doesn't.

On the other hand, the finding you are looking for, of course, will depend on your organization. Why are you interested in digital marketing? For the following reasons, most corporations do so;

  • Building an audience

  • Product promotion

  • Making sales

  • Capturing leads

  • Acquiring customers

  • Band awareness



When it comes to digital marketing, it's challenging to be effective, particularly given the tremendous competition in this field, especially in content marketing.

Making marketing startups work for your organization, particularly as a new business, will take a lot of effort and work. However, suppose you begin with the right mindset and right attitude and adopt these all-important digital marketing for startup strategies. In that case, hopefully, your business will stand out in the long run.


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