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Do I Need a Website for My Business? 10 Reasons why the answer is yes!

The question that is bothering several of the local business owners is: do I need to invest in a website for my local business? If my business is already doing well, what is the point of having a website?

The answer to this question is simple, yes! There's no better time than now to invest in a website for your business. Creating a website for your business is of great help to you, and the advantages of having it will increase exponentially as time passes.

If you are still not convinced, we'll change your mind by these 10 convincing reasons why having a website is important.


10 reasons why having a website is important!

1. 1. It gives a professional look to your local business

Your business's success hinges on the customers' opinion, and the customers' consensuses (84%) is that having a website makes you look more reliable as compared to the businesses that only have a social media account.

Having a website gives a positive impression of your business. Not only does a website provide credibility to your business, but it also gives the impression that your business is bigger and more successful. The size of your business doesn't matter in this digital era. Hence, having a website is more important for a small business as compared to a bigger one.

You could also display any official recognition received by your business on your website to further achieve this goal. In addition to that, you can upgrade to a branded email address (e.g. from a personal email, for your business, which adds efficiency and credibility to all your communication.


2. Google attracts customers to your website

Every business experiences customer turnover, so even if you are doing well now, you still need to attract new customers. One of the most efficient and modern ways to do this is through Google.

New customers will be attracted to your business by a well-oriented website that rates highly in a variety of search keywords. You can improve your website quality without any former training by using many free SEO tools.


3. Display your services and products the way you want

Using high-quality photographs, you can effectively display what your customers will get by dealing with you. For example, take a look at the website of the UK's restaurant Blackhouse, and see how they did it:

Moreover, aside from the beautifully featured photos, you can employ website design to create an impression of your physical place, especially if the physical aspect of your location is important to your brand, like the Canadian restaurant Storm crow Manor.

Now, you can draw the right customers to your local business by publishing the product and services information on your website. Like, if you own a restaurant, you might edit the menu to show which items are gluten-free, letting the customers with Celiac or other allergies know that it's safe to eat at your place. Another positive thing about websites is that they are available and accessible to your customers 24/7, helping your customers and the would-be customers with all the relevant information about all your new and upcoming products


4. Assure your customers by displaying reviews and recommendations

A brilliant technique to informally prove that your business is reliable is to prominently display reviews and testimonials on the website of your local business. One way to do this is by posting personal testimonials by the customers on the website, such as this review on STEAMLabs' website:

Or, you could display the reviews of newspapers or notable local blogs if your business has been featured in them, like Storm crow manor, for example:

Displaying reviews also have an underlying function: You are creating a permanent archive on the website of your local business so that you'll retain the best reviews about your business even if a third-party review site shuts down in the future.


5. Customers are likelier to contact you because of your website

Contact information can be made easily available on your website. If you display your contact info on either header or the footer of your website, it will show on every page. For instance, you can find contact info including emails and phone numbers for Farside (a local bar chain in Canada) on their website homepage.

Modern Website builders can shield the business email from spam by making a contact form.


6. Google Maps can bring customers to you!

Maps can be inserted into the website directly with the content. If you look at the Storm crow manor's website, you'll find the Map to their location on their homepage.

For those who have little knowledge of the surrounding area of your business, a map can be a great guide to your location; especially for event hosting scenarios, where a lot of visitors might be those who don't live in your business's vicinity.


7. Create your place in the industry through your website

There are two scenarios: one is that your rivals are not in the online market yet, but they will be. Your website could be a way to establish your place in the field.

The second case is that your competitors are already in the online market, but do not fear! You can show the customers your unique potential by investing in a website that has a different and distinctive approach, hereby drawing the potential customers to your business.


8. Creating and managing a website has never been easier

Nowadays, you don't need any knowledge of coding to create a smart, user-friendly website. Modern website builders like Wix or Squarespace take care of this task. Even the most famous tool for creating a website, WORDPRESS, has shifted to block editor.

So, it's no longer a daunting task to create a website that is both operational and visually pleasing.

How to make a website with WordPress

1. Long term success is through your business website

Without a website, your business is obscure to the world. In 2020, 59% of the global population (almost 4.54 billion people) is internet users and this number will only increase. And unless you invest in a website design, your business's presence will fade to nothingness in this digital era. You need to go online to survive in this digital era.

2. You don't need to spend any fortune to enjoy these Advantages

You can create your website by following a simple and non-technical DIY method, for merely 70 US dollars per year. So, it is extremely affordable, as well as easier than it was ever before.

If you want to go 100% free of cost, WordPress is the answer. It's the most common way to build a website. You can add a free WordPress theme like Neve or Hestia and cheap website hosting, and have a functional website on a very small budget. (Learn more about how much a website costs)



Now, it's clearer than before that the right question isn't "does my business require the website?" but "is it responsible to not have a website for my local business in this digital era?" And the answer is quite clear-cut "NO". Not if you want your business to survive long term. Investing in the website would be your best investment in regards to your business.


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