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Why we still need email marketing?

Modern Email Marketing Campaign Essentials Explained

Email marketing is the single category in various marketing groupings that never fails you. It is getting better with each passing day. One of the primary reasons is because it generates the highest revenue of Interest for its users.

Every day we receive a plethora of automated generated emails, newsletters, discounts, and special offers that give us insight regarding products, services, and information we never inquired for. Generally, the resting place of such emails in the junk folder, and un-subscription is their fate.

On the other hand, rarely do we get Emails that catch our Interest and force us to open them due to their intriguing nature. These are the emails we occasionally share with our friends and family, and many times we even recommend the mentioned products to others.

The question here is; what is the element in such emails that attracts us?

To find the answer; first, make sure that you are not breaking any email marketing laws.

Next up is the exploration of different kinds of emails in this blog.

  • Marketing Emails: As the name suggests, marketing emails are usually advertising or informational emails sent to a targeted audience who show interest in your product and activities. The target audience could be prospects, affiliates, customers, vendors, and clients, etc. These emails are content-oriented as they are sent to inform users regarding sales promotions, follow-ups, surveys, etc. One such example is the infamous email marketing platform; MailChimp is responsible for sending millions of emails daily. Whenever a potential user fills in a wufoo form, it automatically adds the person to the campaign contact list.

  • Transactional Emails: Customers' activities such as order tracking, welcome messages, subscription validations, and accepted charges usually trigger this email type. Transactional emails open multiple opportunities for engagement and sellings after completing just a single step by the consumers. Therefore, this kind of emails should not be overlooked by businesses.

  • Operational Emails: This type of email holds vital information regarding your business ventures such as services accessibility, weekend and holiday closings, maintenance strategies, etc. These emails can be informative, image-boosting, and gross-generating simultaneously as they hold in elaborated information. For Example, warning your customers regarding the system's unavailability due to maintenance issues will always give you some extra points from the consumers.


Does your Business need and Long Term Email Marketing Strategic Planning?

Email marketing statistics indicate that concerning industry-leading decision-makers and colleagues' recommendations; email is ranked third most popular and potent source of information that is preferred by B2B audience.

Besides, 59% of email marketers agree that email is the highest gross generating platform available. Business success is defined by its excellent and long-term strategic planning, especially when it comes to email marketing. Effective and dynamic email marketing strategic planning will help reach out the current and prospective customers with great ease.

Besides, it strengthens customer relationships and shows them different several of connecting with their preferred company.


Exceptional Marketing Emails - Core Aspects

Before sending an email to the recipients; the essential factor is to identify the requirements you are trying to achieve and then build a long-term strategic plan accordingly. Your email's writing style and content differ and brighten the chance of future interactions compared to dozens of other emails in the receiver's inboxes.

Formulating an attractive and eye-catching email is a strenuous task and requires lots of skills and techniques. Mentioned below are some tips that will help your draft a content-oriented and attractive email while keeping email marketing laws and regulations intact.

1. Personalizing an Email

In today’s world, emails are formulated according to the audiences with whom they will be shared. Email marketers prefer to involve personalized and customer-friendly emails. Such targeted emails always get a click from their receivers as they are sent according to the client’s perception and interests. Therefore, always make sure to personalize your email concerning your audiences before sending.

2. Avoid Old-School Emails

Currently, outdated emails are deemed ‘dead’. Emails that contain a video most probably a one-on-one interview with the business CEO always attract the customer. According to Witsia research; a video comprising email gets 300% more click-on rates than a conventional email that does not have one. Users and consumers always enjoy and find a connection when they are introduced to behind the scenes videos. Thus, upgrade your email style from old-school to heterodox.

3. Gadget Friendly Emails always work

We all are aware of the fact, and the importance of mobile phones in our lives. Email marketing Bluehornet Report has stated; nearly, two-thirds of consumers purchase an email by using a mobile whereas 80% tend to delete the email that is not mobile-friendly. You have the stats in front of you, and now it is your call.

4. Encourage Customers to Reply

Make your email look like a real person has written it. An email that gives the impression of a robot typed mail will never impress your customers. Try and make contact with your user and urge them to send back a response. Reveal to them that you are responsive to their opinions and open to suggestions.

5. Relevant CTA

Compelling call-to-action is a primary part of influential email marketing compliance. Make sure that every word of your email is meaningful and up-to-date.


Proceeding to Email Marketing Campaign

You have certainly accomplished this way or that way. Email marketing is not difficult to implement, but it requires specific expertise. You try and choose the best tactic for your business, depending upon your marketing campaign's depth and comprehensiveness.

1. Apart from Email Marketing, SMM, SEO, and Content Marketing are an essential part of a Complex marketing campaign: It is the most extensive campaign you can ever carry out. There are two methods of conducting it; either hire professionals or assign the task to different marketing agencies if you want it to be economical. For instance, WiserBrand is an agency that takes charge of you and gets it done from their enthusiastic employees who know their job very well.

2. Email Marketing Only: There are plenty of marketing services such as MailChimp and Salesforce; that come in handy when you are on a tight budget and have limited time. They organize your emails and send them to respective customers and get your business some additional incentives.

3. Profits from Other Businesses: For all the beginners who are getting started with their online presence, do not worry! Many online platforms can assist you if you do not have a website yet. Such websites offer their platforms for your business placement, review gathering, and sharing services, etc. One such website is HireRush that sends an email to your customers on your behalf to get back a review.



Thus, from all the tips and techniques mentioned earlier, it is clear how email marketing is still vital for ventures. With the right and efficient long-term strategic planning, it can be the most affordable and popular marketing strategy worldwide.


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