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The Ultimate CRM Features List & Integrations for the First-Time Buyer

Deciding on finally getting a CRM is a milestone in itself. Therefore, congrats if you have already made up your mind! But the next important task that can be an even bigger hurdle is choosing which particular CRM system to install.

With so many CRM systems in the market it becomes quite confusing to choose the best one; especially, if you are a first-time buyer sorting through the bells and whistles to look at the necessary characteristics could be a difficult task.

If you are new to CRM and have decided to get it, but are confused about what CRM features to look for before installing it; do not worry! This article will help you obtain a perspective to separate the fundamental from the peripheral and choose the right system.

The first thing kept in mind should be that your CRM system must ease the tasks for its end users, i.e. it must be very efficient for its consumers: sales representatives, leaders, and managers.


The following CRM features must be checked in a system before installing it.

1. Contact Management

One of the significant advantages of the CRM system is that it helps sales reps formulate contact reports and store the clients and prospects' data information details. Therefore, choosing a CRM system incapable of providing and holding contact management services does not serve the purpose.

Besides, a sound CRM system will always manage, reduce, and streamline the contact data entries to a great extent. Hence, contemplate this feature in mind based on its use.

2. Deal Stages

A flawless CRM system is customizable and can be moulded according to your needs and desires. Mostly, they are adapted to operate on an exact sales process. For instance, your company can have three stages or 15, but what matters is that you should program and integrate all these levels within the software along with associated values.

Moving a deal from one stage to another along the sales process should be an easy task to perform. Just like in HubSpot CRM progressing an agreement is as meek as dragging and dropping.

3. Daily Dashboard

The next important CRM software feature that should be considered before getting a CRM system is its simplicity and comfortable visual appeal. Reps require keeping themselves updated with all the sales and progress; therefore, they should visualize some specific data daily.

For example, the progress to date deals details in their buckets and pending and completed tasks. On the other hand managers and leaders also have to view all this data for a balanced accumulated sales squad.

Thus, a CRM system must possess a daily dashboard that can provide access to all such information in just a click at any day and time to the reps, managers, and leaders.

4. Task Management

A great CRM system must have exceptional task management capabilities to keep its users happy and contented. A rep who keeps on toggling back and forth between various systems throughout the day is not satisfied as this toggling will irritate him to a level that he will lose his interest in the work.

Hence, a CRM system that owns an integrated task management feature will simplify salespeople's day-to-day work pattern and keep them on top of their follow up into the bargain.

5. Content Repository

A CRM with an embedded content repository will save the sales representatives from wasting time on searching content. This saved time could be utilized in many impactful and insightful works.

In addition to saving the collateral, they send to prospects most often in a convenient location. Sales representatives can even file customized e-mail templates so that each new contact doesn't reinvent the wheel.

6. Reporting

A CRM system is judged by the insights it provides, i.e. useful insights define an excellent CRM system, whereas inadequate insights highlight a degraded CRM system. Therefore, make sure that the CRM features list includes reports that make exporting and distribution system trends easier.

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