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The ultimate guide to Google Ads

Google was officially launched in 1998 and became the most used web-based search engine, receiving 5 billion search queries every day. It covers approx. 259 unique visitors and 4.8 billion daily visitors which means that with each search your business has the opportunity to appear to the targeted audience. Due to this large number of searches, many businesses adapt to google digital marketing to grow their business online. That is why Google Ads is considered the best advertisement platform. This article guides you on how google ads campaign works and optimized google ads to achieve the best results for business development.

Google Ads is an efficient way to advertise your brand to the customers that search for keywords relevant to your business. It will help to enhance the business sales, increased traffic of the website and more instore visitors.

Google Ads Campaign is the paid digital marketing platform that falls under the PPC (pay-per-click) channel where advertisers have to pay according to the number of clicks or impressions users made on the advertisement. It allows your business to show up on the search engine result page (SERP) when people are looking for the product or services that you are offering.



Google ads are effective and provide the following mentioned competitive advantages to its users.

  • Holds 90% of the search engine market hence provides the best option to reach out to the maximum audience.

  • Maximum number of users from all over the world that search queries which provides the marketers its best opportunity to reach out to the targeted customers all over the globe.

  • Search results are the combination of paid ads, organic search providing the maximum exposure to keyword bidding and search appearance.

  • Reliable for any small, medium, or large-scale businesses, you can tailor your ad that suits your budget.

  • Successful for any business type, it can fit diverse business models.

  • Provides high efficiency and fast sales having CTR of nearly 8%.

  • Not restricted over the google search page but also span over the other platforms such that websites and social media pages.

  • Yields high ROI i.e., $8 for every $1n spent on your business



Google Ad; the best advertisement platform displays your ad to the potential buyer having an interest in your brand. Advertisers bid on the search keyword, and the highest bidders are placed at the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) depending upon the type of ad campaign. Many other factors affect the efficiency of the google ads campaign, some of which are explained below.


Quality Score (QS)

AdRank and bid amount calculate the Quality Score of the advertisement. It determines the assignment of the advertisement on the search engine result page (SERP), the relevance of your ad, keywords intent, the user experience of your landing page, and CTR. QS should be of main focus while setting up a google ads campaign. An optimized google ad will result in higher QS, lower acquisitional cost, and better placement of ad as well.



The geographic location of the business is accessed to capture the potential customer that has access to that specific area. Business location plays an important role in the placement of the advertisement in SERP. For example; If you own a yoga studio in New York, someone away from New York will not find your store in its search no matter how much is your AdRank or QS. Similarly, if you own an eCommerce store and physical product, google sets your location to the places where you ship your services because Google Ads provide the most relevant and accessible services to its users.



Keyword research also plays an important role in the ad appearance or organic search. The keywords should be one to five depending on your business type and your preference. The keywords selected should match the searcher’s intent, and then Google will display your ad based on the relevance and selection.

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Match Types of keywords also help in the search appearance. There are google algorithms that match with the searcher’s intent either that are directly related to semi-related. There are four types of search matches.

  • Broad Match; it matches any word in your key phrase or may also match your ad to queries using synonyms i.e., ‘luxury car’ search to ‘expensive vehicle’ etc. It helps in targeting a wide audience in your search.

  • Modified Broad Match; its more of a restricted match type that allows you to target your audience but with better control by using the ‘+’ parameter which identifies that search query must include that term.

  • Phrase Match; is a form of match type that provides more restricted control by only appearing in the searches that match the exact phrase as the keyword, there might be other words before or after that phrase.

  • Exact Match; is the most specific match type that only offers Ad appearance if the user search matches exactly with the identified keyword. But recently Google has made changes so that the synonyms, plural, or other variations to the keyword are also acceptable in searches.

If you have a new campaign, you need to start from the broader perspective then moving down to a narrow approach. It also requires a close eye to your ad statistics and to modify it with time.


Headline and Description

The differentiating factor of your Ad from your competitor is the headline and description of the Advertisement; which one aligns best with the personas problem and provides the most relevant solution to it will be highly ranked on the search engine result page (SERP). The headline describes the business whereas the description explains that why this business is the best option for the concerns of the searcher.


Ad Extensions

Google Ad also offers you an Ad Extension feature that provides additional information about the advertisement and helps you to easily interact with it. There are five categories of Ad Extension described below:

  • Sitelink Extension: It refers to the brand site for more attractive clicks

  • Call Extension: It provides the users with the phone numbers to get instantaneously reach out to the customer services

  • Location Extension: It provides the navigation of the brand so that the searcher may easily access the instore services

  • Offer Extension; It explains the timely promotions, limited time offers to the audience

  • App Extension; It provides the link to download the App and reduces the friction from searching in AppStores

For example:


Google Ads Retargeting

It is the Ad retargeting strategy to create a potential link and approach them with the provision of engaging offers. This feature refocuses the users who have interacted online but not became customers by tracking the cookies and offer them ad for your services.



Google being the best advertising platform offers you to select one from the five google ads campaign types which can best describe your brand/ business:

  1. 1Search Ad Campaigns;

  2. Responsive Search Ads;

  3. Display Ad Campaigns

  4. Video Ad Campaigns

  5. App Ad Campaigns



Google ads campaign provides the single platform to reach out to the targeted audience for your business. It helps you to optimize your campaign performance by google analytics and help to grow your business with time. An optimized google ad campaign has the potential to turbo-charge your clicks and drives leads, increases sales for generating high-ROI from your business.


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